Retail Marketing
vs. SweetIQ

Are you looking for a SweetIQ competitor? Or would you just like to see how it compares to Retail Marketing? You’ve landed the right place!

What Is SweetIQ?

SweetIQ is a local listing and reputation management platform that helps organizations to:

  • Capture their target market
  • Boost their online presence
  • Monitor data analytics
  • And customize on-demand Snapchat Geofilters.

SweetIQ provides an easy-to-use dashboard that allows clients to manage their listings, reviews, and rankings on the top review websites. It can also help them control their reports to get business insights, like Click Through Rate (CTR), direction requests, calls and visits, etc.

How Does SweetIQ Work?

SweetIQ offers six different products for multi-location SMBs and agencies. Their staff members nurture close relationships with customers to be sure that they are happy with their onboarding process.

SweetIQ dashboard helps SMBs to get ranked higher in Google and attract more visitors. Other than that, it can be used for review managment and Snapchat Geofilter creation.

How Much Does SweetIQ Cost ?

SweetIQ doesn’t offer standard pricing packages. Rather, it’s based on your number of locations and services you are looking for.

SweetIQ Pros and Cons

Pros of using SweetIQ

Comprehensive Solution: SweetIQ provides a comprehensive local marketing platform to help businesses scale SEO, convert more leads, and close more customers.

Snapchat Geoflter: SweetIQ is an official Snapchat partner, so its clients can use their brand-specific Geofilters and launch SnapChat campaigns.

Data Analytics: You can use SweetIQ to get faster data analytics and generate more reports in real-time.

Fast Ranking: SweetIQ helps its clients to rank their search keywords fast in Google SERPs.

Cons of using SweetIQ

Report Often Lacks Full Review: SweetIQ monthly sheet review often lacks details that can be valuable to some organizations.

No Review Generation: Though you can manage your consumer feedback using the dashboard, it doesn’t help you improve your star rating or create more reviews.

No Standard Pricing: SweetIQ’s pricing structure is not transparent. Their strategy based on your “locations and services” isn’t enough to estimate what you’ll have to pay.

Retail Marketing vs. SweetIQ
Features and Price Comparison

Looking for an alternative to SweetIQ? You’ve landed the right place! We offer the best local marketing services than any other in the market. The table below compares SweetIQ’s services with ours.

Features Retail Marketing SweetIQ
Manual Citation Submissions
Cost Direct Submissions $[amount] per site
Data Aggregator Submissions
Price Aggregator Submissions $[amount]/year
One-off Pricing?
Keyword Promotion
Can order aggregators individually?
Sites in the network [number]
Claim listings
Update existing listings
Create new listings
Remove duplicate listings
Is data permanent?
Detailed reports
Speedy updates
Countries Available in
Google My Business
Apple Maps
Bing Local
Neustar Localeze
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