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Looking for an alternative to ReachLocal? Discover how they work, their pricing, pros and cons, and a lot more right here!

What Is ReachLocal?

ReachLocal is a search engine marketing aggregator that provides online marketing and advertising solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). It’s a good resource for locations with no web presence.

ReachLocal offers four comprehensive marketing solutions, including search rank improvement, lead generation, customer engagement, and market tracking. Based on the plan you choose, these solutions may or may not be available upon signing up.

How Does ReachLocal Work?

ReachLocal works with different enterprises to buy, manage, and measure digital advertising. Their internet marketing consultants (IMCs) meet SMBs to provide them with guidance and help them understand how digital advertising works.

Each IMC undergoes a seven-step process to set up some SMB in the platform and input its campaign elements like budget, target geographic area, payment information, etc. Once after receiving the campaign elements, ReachLocal optimizes the advertising campaigns. And, to let them live, it connects different publishers either via APIs of major search engines and local directories or via the ReachLocal exchange.

How Much Does ReachLocal Cost ?

ReachLocal pricing is not available on its website, but according to a third-party site, it starts at $149 per month (This includes a free trial and regular service charges).

ReachLocal Pros and Cons

Pros of using ReachLocal

Knowledgeable IMCs: ReachLocal business consultants are knowledgeable and expert professionals. They help SMBs to hit their targets faster and improve their online presence.

Realtime Keyword Optimization: This helps ReachLocal to improve your search visibility and drive quality traffic to their websites.

PPC Tracking: ReachLocal helps its clients to track their PPC campaigns allowig them to create more effective ads and maximize their ROI for better results.

Measurable Results: To keep you on track towards your goals and vision, ReachLocal provides measurable marketing results.

Cons of using ReachLocal

Expensive: Though the company hasn’t provided any details about pricing, some Yelp reviews show that it can be costly to afford for most SMBs.

Refund Issues: Many consumer reviews highlight “late or no refund” as a common issue with ReachLocal.

Low-Quality Advertising: ReachLocal’s customers report low-quality advertisements that were not enough to meet their goals.

Limited Free Package: New users can get a 30-day free plan from ReachLocal. However, it requires a $100 subscription fee and gives limited access to some features only.

Retail Marketing vs. ReachLocal
Features and Price Comparison

Are you looking for an alternative to ReachLocal? At Retail Marketing, we boast the best of both worlds! Our solutions can help you boost your local business ranking faster than ever. The table below compares ReachLocal against our services.

Features Retail Marketing ReachLocal
Manual Citation Submissions
Cost Direct Submissions $[amount] per site
Data Aggregator Submissions
Price Aggregator Submissions $[amount]/year
One-off Pricing?
Keyword Promotion
Can order aggregators individually?
Sites in the network [number] 1,372
Claim listings
Update existing listings
Create new listings
Remove duplicate listings
Is data permanent?
Detailed reports
Speedy updates
Countries Available in
Google My Business
Apple Maps
Bing Local
Neustar Localeze
I trust Retail Marketing! They have made local business marketing far easier for me.
Cory Stephen, Houston, TX