Retail Marketing
vs. BrightLocal

Get a detailed analysis of how BrightLocal works, their pricing, pros and cons, and a quick round-up of alternative listing management options.

What Is BrightLocal?

BrightLocal is a local marketing platform mainly recognized for its citation builder tool. It’s an excellent resource for cleaning up the incorrect listings and merging the duplicate ones. The types of information BrightLocal requires include:

  • Business Name, Address, and Phone number (aka NAP)
  • Business menus, photos, videos, and staff details
  • Location labels and business category
  • Website URL

Besides citation building, BrightLocal’s toolkit includes local SEO, reputation management, and lead generation services. Depending on the price plan you select, these services may or may not be available upon signing up.

How Does BrightLocal Work?

When you attempt to create your account on BrightLocal, it requires you to submit your business information. Depending on the data you provide, it will prompt you to install Google Analytics and social media accounts.

Social media accounts may include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and more. With all this information, BrightLocal creates a report to show the current citations you have, what edits are required, and how you can improve your listings.

How Much Does BrightLocal Cost ?

BrightLocal pricing starts at $29 per month, and depending upon the plan you opt; it can reach up to $79. An annual subscription can save you a maximum of $158. The table beneath gives an in-depth overview of BrightLocal’s pricing structure.

Plans Pricing Details
Single Business $290/yr The ‘Single Business’ BrightLocal plan includes limited access to Local SEO tools and Reputation Manager tools.
Multi Business $490/yr The ‘Multi Business’ BrightLocal plan includes access to all the three tools with multiple additional services.
SEO Pro $790/yr The ‘SEO Pro’ plan contains everything from the other two packages and other additional features and services.
Enterprise The ‘Enterprise’ BrightLocal plan is a special package that allows you to customize any plan per your needs and demands.

Depending on what your business is, BrightLocal can be a valuable resource, especially if you need to improve your SERP ranking. However, once your package ends, the listings may disappear.

BrightLocal Pros and Cons

Pros of using BrightLocal

Great Local Search Audit: You can monitor organic, mobile, and local search rankings of your business in a fast and accurate way.

Promo Codes and Discounts: BrightLocal offers frequent promo codes and discounts.

Affiliate Scheme: BrightLocal uses Shareasale for its affiliate scheme that gives 15% commission, including bonuses with $53 AOV.

Review Monitoring: You can use it to control your reviews across the web. This service is available with all three packages.

Cons of using BrightLocal

Limited Coverage: BrightLocal may not be an appropriate solution for the people unknown to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)..

Limited Free Package: New users can get a 14-day free plan from BrightLocal. Though it doesn’t require a credit card, you get limited access to some features only.

Expensive Citation Burst: BrightLocal Citation Burst helps businesses get listed on review sites. However, it’s a paid service costing $2-3 per submission.

No Keyword Promotion: With BrightLocal, you can, though, monitor where your keywords on Yahoo, Google, and Bing are ranking; it doesn’t promote your keywords.

Too Detailed Reporting: BrightLocal’s Local SEO reporting contains a lot of extra details; that’s beyond what you’ve been looking for.

Time Consuming Listing: Local Business Listings Submission Service is time-consuming, and it can take 2-3 months before getting live.

Difficult Local Search Features: BrightLocal’s local search services can help you with your ranking and how you’re sizing up on local directories, but they are somewhat complicated.

Retail Marketing vs. BrightLocal
Features and Price Comparison

Looking for an alternative to BrightLocal? Retail Marketing gives you the best of both worlds! We offer top data aggregators and listing submission services. The table below compares BrightLocal’s pricing for the ‘SEO Pro’ package against our services.

Features Retail Marketing BrightLocal
Manual Citation Submissions
Cost Direct Submissions $[amount] per site $2-3 per site
Data Aggregator Submissions
Price Aggregator Submissions $[amount]/year $60/year
One-off Pricing?
Keyword Promotion
Can order aggregators individually?
Sites in the network [number] >1600+
Claim listings
Update existing listings
Create new listings
Remove duplicate listings
Is data permanent?
Detailed reports
Speedy updates
Countries Available in
Google My Business
Apple Maps
Bing Local
Neustar Localeze
Retail Marketing is my most trusted platform to manage citations and boost my business’s search ranking.
Amy Marks Phoenix, AZ